God at work in Pi Kapp

April 23rd, 2013 by CO Greenville

emmett and stephen Before I arrived at Wofford, God had placed in my heart a desire to reach fraternity guys with the gospel. I knew Wofford would be a perfect place for me to minister, because a majority of students are involved in Greek Life. But in the midst of all this, I doubted whether I could make a significant impact on a culture that externally appears to be full of sin and darkness. So I began to pray. Specifically, I prayed for my fraternity, Pi Kapp, because at that that time, Pi Kapp at Wofford had no Christian influences. I prayed that God would bring one guy–just one guy–across my path to tell about Jesus, to disciple, and eventually to partner with in reaching Pi Kapp with the gospel. 
God did exactly that when I met Stephen, a freshman in Pi Kapp. He was one of the first guys I met at a Campus Outreach meeting in September. Since then we’ve met weekly to talk about life, the fraternity, school, and the Bible. When the spring semester started, I asked Stephen what he felt God was calling him to do, and he said “to start a Bible study in my fraternity.” In the past month, we have met twice for Pi Kapp Bible studies attended by five guys! Through Stephen, God has continued to open doors for sharing the gospel. Recently I got to have breakfast with one of the guys who has been coming to Bible study, and I asked him what he thought about it. He said “I’ve really enjoyed Bible study; no one has ever asked me what I believe or challenged me in my faith before. I think that’s what I need in my life right now.” Praise God that the gospel is going forth in Pi Kapp!

Below is a conversation I had with Stephen a few days ago.

Why did you want to start a Bible study in your fraternity?

”I know it is my duty as a Christian to spread the Word in any way that I can, and to live unashamed to spread God’s love. I read somewhere that not everyone is called to be a minster, but we are all called to minister in our own social circles. This means to me that I am supposed to spread the love of Christ to my fraternity brothers and show them the way that Christ intends us to live.”

What do you hope to see God do in this Bible study?

”I hope to see some people’s lives changed! I have seen great interest so far, which is amazing, but I hope that God will be able to use me to lead some of my brothers to Christ. I hope to see Christ light up their lives.”

~ Emmett Richardson

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