October 10th, 2013 by CO Greenville

Mo and Clemson girls In a year and a half of working in college ministry, I have learned that because of the nature of our job, we constantly experience failures, rejection, awkward encounters, fears, and disappointments. After being rejected and disappointed time and time again it is easy to lose confidence and start to ask questions like, “Is what I am doing even worth it?” or “Is anything I do helping anyone?” But as God is sovereign and sends help in just the right time, I received this email from one of my supporters just as I started to feel significant doubt start to creep in.

-Mo Parks

Hey you guys!
Hope all is well with you! I just wanted to tell you that as time keeps going by, I am finding that I am more and more thankful that my daughter had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Campus Outreach this past summer! And it’s because of YOU–God through you. Literally. It has been life changing for her in what she learned on a personal level… just her and God, her perception of God and herself. It has been a springboard to other things that now the Holy Spirit has been able to tell her, teach her, love her!! etc. etc.!!!! It is incredible!
I am so so thankful for you and for Campus Outreach!! So I am thankful for YOU, and I’m amazed and encouraged by what you guys are doing! So, if there are times when you wonder what is coming of your work, be encouraged, because YOU are part of this incredible thing for the Kingdom.

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