Frequently Asked Questions about the SBP

Q: Will I be able to pay for project and have money for school from my job during the summer?

A: Yes, the money a student can earn while working on the SBP can more than cover the costs of the project while leaving some leftover to help towards the upcoming school year.

Q: Will I need to find a job before arriving at SBP?

A: No, it is not required to have a job before arriving at the SBP and students will have a chance to find one after they arrive. Campus Outreach staff serve as a liason between employers and students but it is still each student's responsibility to find a job at the project. Students are free to line up jobs before arriving to the project if they desire.

Q: Can I leave the project during the summer?

A: The effectiveness of the Beach Project comes from consistent and undistracted participation, therefore, the SBP Guidelines state that "No out-of-town trips are permitted." On occasion, the director will give exception to this rule after understanding the uniqueness of an individual situation. A student's acceptance to the project may be affected by the need to leave the SBP.

Q: What is support raising?

A: Support raising is asking individuals, families, and churches to sponsor a student during the summer to help pay for the expenses of the project. Raising support can be a great way to cover the costs of the project as well as a great way to let others participate in your summer experience of growing with the Lord.