ATL 2006

Main Rallies

Called to Follow Christ, Steve Shadrach.mp3

Called to a New Passion and Mission, Dr. Rees Oliver.mp3

Called to a New Identity, Steve Shadrach.mp3

Unlikely Angel, Ashley Smith.mp3

Music Forum.mp3

Called to a New Community, Dr. John Perkins.mp3

Men's Seminar, Dr. John Perkins.mp3

Women's Seminar, Sandra Hearon.mp3

Called to a New Strength, Steve Shadrach.mp3

Called to Disciple, Joe Naramore.mp3


Passionate Prayer, Andrew Holbrook.mp3

Embracing Pain, Mike Boland.mp3

Greeks, Steve Shadrach.mp3

Support Raising, Steve Shadrach.mp3

Living by Faith, Byron Johnson.mp3

Life Lessons from Daws, Jim Downing.mp3

Testimony, Barry Lusk.mp3

Missions, Bob McNabb.mp3

Athletes, Casey Williamson.mp3

Sharing the Gospel, Chris Drinkard.mp3

Discipleship Groups, Clint Watson.mp3

Time Alone with God, Dave Baxter.mp3

People Pleasing, G'Joe Joseph.mp3

Ministering to African-Americans, Dr. John Perkins.mp3

Community, Ken Foster.mp3

Connecting, Matt Bradner.mp3

Vision, Mike Hearon.mp3

Urban Ministry, Mo Leverett.mp3

Fruitful Life, Tony Chesser.mp3

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