Church Connection

One distinctive about the ministry of Campus Outreach is our relationship to the local church. Campus Outreach seeks to achieve its mission on the campus within the context of the local church. Campus Outreach movements enhance the mission of local churches by serving as an evangelistic arm of their ministries on college campuses. In return, local churches provide a healthy environment for students and staff to be established for long-term laboring beyond the campus.

A hub church is a church that sponsors a Campus Outreach region or franchise. Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC, serves in this role for Campus Outreach Greenville by providing leadership and governance of the organization, financial overhead and administrative support, and fellowship and community for staff and students. All Campus Outreach Greenville staff are members of and employed by Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church.

In addition to our hub church, several other churches serve as partners to our campus movements in other cities. These campus churches are a vital part of the life of each campus movement as our staff and students attend worship services weekly and develop relationships with the members of each church family.

Campus Churches

Three of our current campus churches are Clemson Presbyterian Church in Clemson, SC, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Clinton, SC, and Webster Baptist Church in Sylva, NC.