Leadership Project 2012

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General Information

Each summer, Campus Outreach Greenville sponsors a Leadership Project (LP) for students from Clemson University, Furman University, Presbyterian College, Southern Weslyan University, Western Carolina University, and Wofford College. This summer, Campus Outreach Lynchburg is joining the LP as well, with students from Virgina Tech, Radford University, Randolph College, Lynchburg College, and Liberty University. Simply put, the Leadership Project is an opportunity to live, play, work, and learn with other college students for eight weeks.

Each student works a full-time job during the day and participates in bible studies, discipleship groups, evangelistic outreaches, ministry training, and Sunday worship at local churches. During the week, there is also plenty of fellowship, fun, and other social activities.

This demanding, yet challenging schedule creates a perfect environment for students to grow in their relationship with Christ and to develop ministry skills and leadership qualities. For a better idea of what a typical weekly schedule at Leadership Project looks like, click here.

This year’s project is taking place from May 31 to July 30, with a mandatory retreat April 13th and 14th. Leadership Project costs $1700 for the entire summer, covering housing, a project-wide meal each week, weekly project socials, and LP materials. It does not cover other meals or transportation. Students are encouraged to raise as much of this cost as possible from individual supporters and churches.

Parent’s Weekend, June 22-24

One aspect of the Leadership Project’s success comes from requiring students to remain on the project. We know that you love your students and want to be with them as well this summer, so even though your student can’t come see you, you can definitely come and see them. Our Parent’s Weekend activities are designed to give you a taste of what your student is learning and experiencing at the LP as well as for you to meet the Campus Outreach Greenville staff leading the project and of course, to spend the weekend with your student. We hope you will consider attending this summer!


In an effort to offer a broad church experience, students will rotate between 3 different churches throughout the summer: Cornerstone Baptist Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, and Faith Presbyterian Church. Each church represents a different denominational perspective with a biblical approach to ministry as well as years of strong relationship with Campus Outreach summer projects. Our desire in this is to expose students to a different church experience than they may be accustomed to without compromising the authority of God’s Word.

Athlete Development Program (ADP)

For more information regarding our summer development program on the LP for college athletes, click here.


For answers to some frequently asked questions, click here.

Mailing address:

Student Name
The Aquarius V Motel
300 10th Avenue North
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Please direct other questions to [email protected].

Catalytic Events

Catalytic events are any events of our people gathering to see God bring about change: change in a person and change through a person. Campus Outreach Greenville sponsors three catalytic events every year in order to help students take significant steps forward in their relationship with Christ. These events are designed both for students who want to investigate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or who want to make an impact for Christ on their campus. Our three catalytic events are the New Year’s Conference, the Leadership Project (LP), and the Cross-Cultural Project (CCP).