Kevin and Cat Arrowood and Krieg


Role and number of years on staff:
Campus Director at Clemson; on staff since 2005

Candler, NC (Kevin) and Ridgefield, CT (Cat)

Graduated from:
Kevin: Furman University ’04 in Political Science
Cat: Furman University ’04 in Religion

Our Story:
it’s not me, saved by grace and God’s agape/ He died on the cross just to kop me/ now that He’s got me, and showed me how diligently He sought me/ there’s no reason for me to be cocky// wasn’t born godly, even now-a-days on not spot free/ but He’s faithful and just to wash me/ and my dirty laundry, so daily I repent like He taught me/ through, His word renewin’ my thoughts see// “The Process”, no fee, give ‘em a sinner He makes ‘em Holy/ the only God who makes the Avocado from the Guacamole/ and says “Come to know me” – Stephen the Levite

Our hobbies:
Catherine loves to cook for Kevin, read cooking books and magazines, go on walks, read books, and play basketball.
Kevin loves to fly fish, rock climb, read the Wall Street Journal, read Barrons, play soccer, listen to Reformed Hip Hop and watch TARHEEL Basketball.

Our favorites:
Twitter, Reach Records, Acts 29, Life Coaching, Snipe Hunting, Stroller Marathoning

What you probably didn’t know about us:
Kevin was captain of his high school Latin Knowledge Bowl team yet also Prom King. Catherine was invited to train with the Pan American Olympic Handball Team

Favorite links:
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