Jacqueline Bishop


Role and number of years on staff:
Administrative Director, 4th Year

Mt Pleasant, SC

Graduated from:
Furman University ’05 in Health and Exercise Science

My Story:
I grew up consistently going to church and with many mentor type relationships God used to move me forward in my walk with Him. Although, it wasn’t until my middle school years that God used life circumstances to draw me to Himself. During my high school years Jody, my youth pastors wife, was instrumental in teaching me the basics of walking with Christ and teaching me how to help my friends to do the same. Jody had been involved with Campus Outreach in college and thus as I looked at colleges I wanted to go to a school with a Campus Outreach ministry. As a high school student I had been exposed to ministries focused on helping students grow but Campus Outreach was the first ministry I had been exposed to that was focused on helping students grow and training them to help others grow as well. During my time at Furman I was discipled by a woman on staff and God used the Cross Cultural Project to South Africa that I went on the summer before my senior year to move me forward in my decision to go on staff. Entering my senior year at Furman I knew I wanted to be part of a team when I graduated and coming on staff provided a team in which to work alongside as we all pursued a common vision.

My hobbies:
Playing most any and all sports, reading nonfiction books, working out, laughing, watching sports on TV (tennis, volleyball, golf, football, etc), outdoor adventures – hiking, climbing, rafting, etc, finding new music to listen to, training for and competing in triathlons, recycling

My favorites:
Barbeque, baked beans and coleslaw, Gladiator, Starbuck’s Shaken Green Tea, Cookie Cake, Tyler Perry movies with Madea in them, The Office, Planet Earth, free samples

What you probably didn’t know about me:
I really enjoy archery and have my own bow and arrows, my middle name is Winter, I once busted my head open (literally) in South Africa and got all fixed up for the equivalent of $20