Brinck Bowers


Role and number of years on staff:
Campus Staff at Clemson; on staff since 2010

Chapin, SC

Graduated from:
Presbyterian College ’09 in Christian Education

My Story:
I grew up in a Christian home. Both of my parents are followers of Jesus Christ. I am not sure when I came to know the Lord, but I do know that I realized that my life was not my own around my sophomore year at PC. This was due to several older guys challenging my perspective on what it meant to be a follower of Christ. This was either a call to true faith or just a prior lack of understanding in my pursuit of the Lord. These older guys began to challenge me to take up my cross daily and to take ownership of the great commission. They began to teach me how to share my faith, study the Bible more in depth, pray, and eventually how to lead others in these things. This went on through out my stay at PC. I loved doing these things so much I decided to find a job that allowed me to do these things full time, so here I am on staff with Campus Outreach!

My hobbies:
Hunting/Archery, fishing, intramural sports

My favorites:
Arnold Palmer: 1/2 sweet tea, 1/2 lemonade; basketball, flag football, Pilgrim’s Progress, Charles Spurgeon’s sermons

What you probably didn’t know about me:
I have a desire to see African American men come to know Christ and be raised up into men of the Lord, willing and able to lead others.

Favorite links: