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Bible Studies

The Test of True Belief
A four-week study investigating what it means to express true belief.

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Spiritual Journey
A five-week study looking into the basics of Christianity.

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The Blue Book
A ten-week study investigating the Word of God in order to learn first-hand God’s purpose and plan for your life.

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A study that leads to eight significant encounters with God, the Gospel, Lordship, the Word, prayer, the Body of Christ, evangelism, and discipleship.

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An eight-lesson study explaining the gospel–how we can cross over from death to life.

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An apologetics study that looks into six of the bigger questions in life.

1. Is there absolute truth? pdf-40
2. Is there a God? pdf-40
3. Is the Bible reliable? pdf-40
4. Is God fair? pdf-40
5. Who is Jesus? pdf-40
6. How then do we respond to Christ? pdf-40

Life Issues
A four-week investigative study developed by Perimeter Church in Atlanta. Please contact the office to purchase a copy.

Foundations for Life
Please contact the office to purchase a copy.

Summer Growth Packet
A resource designed to help you walk with God during the summer break. Please contact the office to purchase a copy.


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