John and Kat Pennylegion

Administrative Director

Penny became a Christian during his junior year at Lander University.  He graduated from Lander in 2001, and he was discipled by G'Joe Joseph for two years.  He has been on two Summer Beach Projects, as a disciple and a team leader.  He serves as the administrative director for Campus Outreach Greenville and also has a ministry among students in the Greenville area.

Kat graduated from Furman in 1999. She became a Christian when she was thirteen, and was discipled during her sophomore and junior years.  She participated in three Summer Beach Projects, as a disciple, a disciple leader, and the women's director.  In the COG office, she has served as an  Administrative Assistant and Assistant to the Director.  Penny and Kat were married in September of 2003. Kat now ministers to students in the Greenville area and to the women staff of COG through her role on the Leadership Team.