Details on Electronic Funds Transfer

In an attempt to save you money and time, as well as to ensure that gifts are received each month, we are implementing a system that allows you to give your financial gifts electronically. This process is called Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). EFT is a transfer system used by banks, businesses, and individuals to transfer funds from one bank account directly into another without the use of checks. By using EFT, you will save time and money by not having to write checks, purchase stamps, or mail gifts to Campus Outreach Greenville.

The process for using EFT is simple and hassle free. Just return the printable form to Campus Outreach Greenville. By doing this you give your bank and Campus Outreach Greenville permission to transfer a predetermined amount from your checking or savings account each month. Campus Outreach will continue to handle your donation as it does now, including sending you a monthly receipt that reflects the previous month's giving. You can change or stop your giving through EFT at any time you want by notifying Campus Outreach Greenville in writing.

To begin using EFT, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the printable authorization form through the link on the left
  2. Attach a voided check (checking account) or a deposit slip (savings account)
  3. Mail the auhtorization and voided check or deposit slip along with the return portion from your last receipt using the enclosed envelope.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing. You will receive either a letter or e-mail confirming that we've processed your authorization form and telling you when your first EFT draft will occur.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the Campus Outreach Greenville office at 864-268-2218 ext. 220 or [email protected].

The Campus Outreach Vision

Glorifying God:
The ultimate purpose of all creation is to bring attention to God and to glorify Him. Campus Outreach Greenville exists so that He may receive continual praise, honor and glory from us as we find our joy in Him.

By Building Laborers:
The need of the hour for the church is trained followers of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to work to help grow students into mature disciples that can evangelize and disciple others. 

On the Campus:
The college campus is a strategic mission field. College students are at the crossroads of life, making lifetime decisions and moving out to influence the world. 

For the Lost World:
These same college students who are trained on campuses eventually become men and women in the workplace, the home, our schools, and other avenues of life. Upon graduation, they have the potential to affect the lost world with the gospel and to train others to labor for Christ. 

Campus Outreach History

June 1978 Campus Outreach Birmingham founded September 1995 Franchise to 2nd Presbyterian Church in Memphis, TN
September 1981 Began first campus ministry outside Birmingham September 1996 Formation of Campus Outreach Gulf Coast
December 1981 Firsst Collegiate Christmas Conference October 1996 Formation of Campus Outreach Brazil
June 1982 First Summer Training Project January 1997 Franchise to Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC
June 1983 First Summer Cross Cultural Project September 1998 Formation of Campus Outreach Central Asia Team
September 1985 Formation of Campus Outreach Board September 1999 Franchise to Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA
September 1989 Franchise to First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, GA September 1999 Formation of Campus Outreach Central Florida
August 1990 Departure of first Cross Cultural team to Thailand January 2000 Formation of Campus Outreach Atlanta University Center
January 1992 Formation of Campus Outreach Montgomery Team May 2000 Formation of Campus Outreach New Zealand
January 1993 Departure of Campus Outreach Miami Team September 2000 Franchise to East Cooper Baptist Church in Charleston, SC
July 1993 Departure of Campus Outreach Japan Team November 2002 Departure of Campus Outreach Johannesburg, South Africa
June 1995 Franchise to Christ Covenant Church in Charlotte, NC September 2003 Franchise to Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN
Our Method of Financial Support

God's work is accomplished as many join in partnership to complete the task of building laborers on the campus for the lost world. A portion of the COG budget is given by Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church. Each individual campus staff person is responsible for raising their own personal financial support, which is given through individuals, local churches, alumni, and businesses. This financial support goes towards a staff person's salary and insurance.

All donations are tax-deductible in accordance with Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church's federal tax 501 (c)(3) status. As required by law, all donations are under the supervision and control of the session of Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church.

Our Commitment to the Local Church

Campus Outreach Greenville is under the supervision and authority of Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina, yet maintains an interdenominational profile on the campus. Mitchell Road is committed to reaching college students locally and also joining hands with the broader evangelical community to reach college students in this geographic region. This unique relationship with the church gives COG the freedom to minister to all students directly and to wholeheartedly support and work with other churches which are committed to the essentials of the Christian faith.

"I have been impressed with the biblical depth, evangelistic mindset and Great Commission vision of Campus Outreach. Their commitment to discipleship in and through the local church is refreshing and deeply encouraging to me as a pastor."

- Conrad Brown, Senior Pastor, East Cooper Baptist Church, Charleston, SC

Campus Outreach Greenville is an interdenominational ministry targeting college campuses in upper South Carolina and western North Carolina. Founded in 1997 under the supervision of Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC, our vision is "Glorifying God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World." Through evangelism and discipleship, we passionately reach students with the gospel and train them to be mature Christians with a commitment to the Great Commission. Our desire is to see students leave college equipped for the work of ministry and ready to labor in the harvest fields for the glory of God!

"I am so grateful for the ministry of Campus Outreach - their stand for the truth of God's Word and their faithfulness in sharing the Gospel and making disciples. All this is evidenced in the growth and commitment I see in my sons as they have been ministered to by the staff of COG."

- Dr. James Albee, Parent, Asheville, NC

"Campus Outreach is one of the most exciting ministries I have known. The students are committed to Christ and in love with people. I have to say that the leaders of CO whom I have met exemplify Christian leadership in their love for God's Word and their service to the students. I highly recommend this ministry."

- Richard Pratt, Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

"In all my years of involvement with campus ministries, I have never been impressed with one any more than Campus Outreach. The ministry exhibits a rare combination of strengths in evangelism, discipleship, and theology."

- Randy Pope, Senior Pastor, Perimeter Church (PCA), Duluth, GA